Monday, 24 August 2015

Mondays Beauty Bargain Of The Week - Penny/Primark Sultry Lashes

What girl doesn't Love a good set of false lashes that Won't irritate the life out of you once their applied??
Well I've got the answer and they are only €1.50 !!! YES €1.50 With them being that price I had to make them a Bargain Or The Week feature.

I've used these lashes since Pennys brought them out which is a couple of years now. They are nice and soft and the band is nice and flexible so they are super easy to apply. They come with an athesive which will do the job but I apply mine with Duo Glue which can be picked up at any Boots store, Mac Cosmetics and Inglot Cosmetics.
The lashes can be re used once you don't get them wet just gently remove the glue from the band and they are good to use again :)
I always apply a layer of mascara to the top lashes and then apply the flase lashes this will help blend both false and natural lashes together. You can lightly apply mascara to the tips of the false lashes if you want to darken them up a bit more.

I cannot get enough of these falseies and they are a must have for anyone who wants to wear false lashes without them looking to heavy, full or heavy. 
These can be worn during the day for a day look and also for a night time going out look.
Make sure you stock up when you're in Penny's because when they get re stocked they sell out very quick!!

*What I would suggest that you do is bend the lash in to a C curve shape by pinching either end of the band and slightly bend it back and forward, thus will make the lashes shape better to your lash line when applying them.
Measure the lashes up to you're eyes and placing the smaller end to the inside of you're eye, running it along your lash line if there is any if the lashes coming over the end of you're eye this how much you need to trim off the lashes.
Always trim the lash from the smaller/shorter end.

**Apply a thin layer of glue to the band of the lashes and allow to dry to a tacky consistency and place them as close to the root of the lashes as possible and press you're finger or tweezers on the inner and other corners of the eye.

Let me know if you have tried them or plan on getting them :)

Rebecca xxx

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