Monday, 31 August 2015

Monday's Beauty Bargain Of The Week - Night Time Rollers

So as many if us love a bit of volume in our hair, I for one love me some :) I decided that this Monday had to be about the leave in rollers from Penny's
There are 8 in a pack and only €2.50. The fact that they are pink is an added bonus as some of you may already know or noticed I love anything pink!! :)
I would recommend that when buying these pick up more than one pack unless you have short fine hair.

These rollers can be put in your hair the night before and are sift enough to sleep in... You will still feel them in your hair and might irritate some people depending how you sleep. The longer they are in your hair the more the volume and height will last.
I normally pick up a section of hair back comb and spray hair spray to the roots and holding the straight up in a straight line (only picking up hair the width of or slightw smaller than the roller and not too thick of a section) starting at the ends of the hair place roller onto end and roll downwards to the root of the hair. Placing a clip or bobby pin to the roller and as close to the root to hold in place. 
Working from the front to the back of the hair so from the fringe to the nape of the neck... This makes it easier to pick the hair up in sections.

When all the hair is in the rollers I lightly spray with hairspray again and leave in all day or the night before depending on the occasion.
Another thing I would suggest is if you have just washed your hair dry off the heavy wet and apply some volume moose to the roots and then pop the rollers in and leave in until hair is dry. You can even run the hair dryer over your hair when all in and then leave in again for as long as possible. This will really give the hair volume and a soft natural curl or shape to the hair.

I'm a massive fan of rollers and almost don't feel right getting ready without them in my hair. There are other brands like Sleep In rollers, and ones that can be picked up in a beauty suppliers also but are more expensive. I chose the Penny's or Primark range because of the price point. At the end of the day when they are applied correctly and left in long enough it doesn't matter which ones you use as long as your getting the effect and look your happy with :)

It can take a bit of getting used to when applying them and depending on your hair lenght you may need someone to give you a hand for your hair at the back, but trust me once you start using rollers you will never get ready or do your hair without them again!!

Let me know if you have any type of hair rollers and how you find them or if you plan on picking some up :)

Rebecca xxx

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