Monday, 17 August 2015

Beauty Bargain Of The Week - Deals Makeup Gallery Bronzer €1.49

Hi Everyone!!
So this Mondays Beauty Bargain Of The Week is..... Deals Makeup Gallery Bronzer in shade Medium.

I've spoke about this bronzer so much before at master classes, workshops and lessons. I've never come across such an amazing bronzer for only €1.49
The pigment in the powder bronzer is incredible along with its durability!
Its also a dupe for Mac's Give Me Sun bronzer I've shown you in one of the pictures below of them both side by side and there is literally no difference. Only difference is the price.

I have not stopped using this powder bronzer since I picked it up a couple of months ago. I use it everyday to contour on a day to day bases softly and also on a going out contouring look which would be a much stronger contouring look so its easy to use for both looks.

This bronzer can be picked up in any Deals store which are nationwide, because it is such a popular product they sell out quick when the stand is newly stocked up so keep and eye out and stock up when you're there.

Let me know if you have tried it or plan on picking one up!

Rebecca xxx


  1. Really love this bronzer for €1.49 you really can't go wrong! Their shadows are good too apart from the fall lol

  2. I know I love it, such a great dupe €1.49. I haven't really tried many of the other range. Fall out is to be expected I suppose for the price lol