Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wednesday's How To - Cover A Blemish

Hi everyone!!
So we all get them at some point or another weather it be a dry patch and false tan has taking too dark to, a pimple or birth mark!!

The question is... Do you know how to cover it??
Fear not I have the answers!!

Ok so what you will need is a peach or pink concealer, foundation and patience!
In the picture below I've shown you a set by set guide using a Catrice concealer pallete which is less than €5. They can be picked up at any from Catrice stand.

Step 1: With a flat brush or sponge apply the pink/peach concealer all over the area you want to cover building it up thicker on the area and lightly around the area.

Step 2: (Optional) Apply a setting powder prefairably a translucent powder with a big fluffy brush pressing it onto the area you are covering. Using the powder will will make it last longer.

Step 3: Apply the foundation you use over the area (making sure its the same colour as you own skin colour) lightly pressing it over the area you are covering as applying too much pressure with only cause the concealer to move. Build up the foundation layer by layer until the pink/peach shade is completely hidding.

Step 4: Using a translucent powder to set the whole area press it into the skin in a dabbing motion all over the area and lightly dusting everywhere else.

** If you are covering an area on the face continue on with the rest of you're makeup.
If you don't normally use translucent powder only apply it to the area you are covering and use you're regular powder on the rest of you're face**

And that's how you cover a blemish, spot, birth mark. Its all a matter of practice, practice and before you know it you will have any area covered in no time!

I hope this has helped and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask ☺

Rebecca xxx

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