Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Review: Perspirex Antiperspirant

I've been dying to get my hands on this or should I said my armpits ;)
Perspirex Antiperspirant is €9.99 and I picked it up in Boots

So let me tell you about this Amazing did I say Amazing? I ment Incredible roll on deodorant!!
I had heard sooo much about Perspirex but needed to believe it with my own eyes as everyone as we all know is different and products take differently on everyone.
This antiperspirant is ment to reduce sweating and odar. You apply it at night to fresh clean, dry skin every 2 to 3 days.
So I applied it the first night after having a shower its quite strong in smell but that only lasts half a minute at most. Its a little tacky until it dries like most roll on antiperspirants. It did sting a little but take my advice do not apply it after you have shaved because it will sting like hell!!

Now if your like me when you wear certain materials of clothing you automatically sweat even if your cold...like seriously do we really need our underarms to pull this stunt and always when your wearing light clothing?!
If you sweat when stressed, worried or just sweat in general then this baby is for you... So basically everyone needs this in their life!!

I've not stopped using it since the first night I tried it. The difference is crazy I've worn every item if clothing that makes me sweat for no reason to really test it out and I've not sweated at all while wearing  them!! Hard to believe I know!!
I have sweated a little when general sweating normally does occur but not not as much.

Now by using this it does not mean you just apply it and don't wash yourself for 2/3 days... You carry on as normal and and apply it on the second day if you need to apply it earlier than the third day.
You will sweat just not as much as you normally would.

As it reduces odar if you tend have that problem if it reduces the sweat I'm almost certain it would reduce odar quite a lot.

I cannot stress enough how incredible this is so make sure you get it and at least give it a try!!

I've also heard if you have excess sweet on your feet for instance in shoes or with the heat at the moment and not wearing socks with particular foot wear..... You can apply this to the soles of you're feet and it prevents it. In saying that I was wondering if would it also help sweaty palms.... Hhmmm interesting!! 

Let me know if you plan on getting it or already have it :)

Rebecca xxx

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