Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday's Beauty Bargain Of The Week.. Glove Your Body Tanning Mitt

Hi everyone!!
So thus Monday's Beauty Bargain Of The Week ... Glove Your Body Tanning Mitt
Priced at €19.99

Thus tanning mitt is an ESSENTIAL for every tanning fanantic out there!!
Its a soft fleece glove with finger holders inside so as you're hand won't slip while apply your false tan.
Because of its thick lining no tan soaks through onto your hand or you're baby finger which always happens me.

The mitt can be used with mousse, cream and liquid tans and spreads out evenily onto the skin. Looking at the mitt you think it's going to soak up all the product rather than applying to the skin but its quite the opposite.... You and up using less product...which let's face it who wouldn't love that :)

I know you might be saying but its €19.99 how is that a bargain?! Well let me tekk you why.....
It's machine washable (trust Me I've tried)
It looks brand new each time it's washed and doesn't lose its shape or quality in texture.
If you buy a mitt in a chemist it's like 3/4 euro each time and they don't last long at all!! Your lying if you say they do. How many would you buy a year?
Well with this mitt you will only ever buy one and that's no joke or scam for you to buy one its the truth!
So for €19.99 you have a mitt that will last a couple of years and anyone who already has one will agree with me on this.

So get out and get one and save a few quid!!

If you want to have a look at their Facebook page take a look.

Rebecca xxx

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  1. One method used to find the correct glove sizes is to measure around the dominant hand with a soft cloth tape measure as shown below.