Monday, 17 August 2015

Conefrey's Pharmacy

Hi everyone!!
So I popped into Conefrey's Pharmacy recently in Pearse Street, Dublin 1 and I took a couple of pictures to let everyone see how lovely their pharmacy is!!

Firstly I'm going to tell you about what Conefreys stock in their Pharmacy..

Conefrey's stock a wide range of items and products in their store.
Their skincare range varies which is great because not all pharmacys have a wide range available..
Are all of the ranges Conefrey's stock plus a couple of other ranges.

When it comes to makeup they have made sure to stock a mineral range along with two budget friendly ranges which I love!!
Anneco is mineral makeup which is great for sensitive skin and suits all other skin types. With it being a mineral powder product you can build the products up to achieve a medium to full coverage. Brush sets are also stocked in the pharmacy. With it being a mineral range most of the time they are higher in price range but with Anneco this isn the case :)
The two budget friendly makeup ranges are Wet n Wild and Kubiss which as you all know I'm a big fan of Wet n Wild :)

Conefreys are like most pharmacys when it comes to supplements where they have every supplement you will ever need. The great thing about Conefreys that's different from other pharmacy's and makes them unique..... They stock their own range of supplements.
These are all in the supplement collage below.
Now wait until I tell you about these... I was recently gifted some hair, skin and nails supplement from the lovely Tomas which I have wrote a blog post on recently and you can see just how amazing these are.
The Hair, skin and nail supplementsbare now available in a larger 60 tablet bottle for €13.99. So make sure you get in and pick some up... They are something every girl/woman should be taking right now!! These supplements only have the ingredients needed in each type of supplement which I find brilliant as their are a lot of people out there who can only have certain ingredient, vitamins and minerals. They get a massive thumbs up from me ������

Now for all the parents out their with small babies and toddlers Uriage baby range is available also... This to me is great many parents out there struggle to find a range of skincare to treat their little bundles of joys skin, from nappy rash to eczema Uriage has a cream suitable for it  so pop in and pick it up.

I think I would need hours to tell you what Conefreys stock so I've lots of pictures below for everyone to see along with all the basics like most pharmacys stock... One thing that stuck out to me when I was in that day was the weighing machine that also can tell you you're bmi, blood pressure and lots of other little things we should all be checking. These machines are rare to see in pharmacys now! Boots used to have them and now not so sure if their still there anymore. They are great if your on you're own little weight loss journey and want to keep track of how your doing.

Personally I think you need to pop into the pharmacy itself to see it for yourself and I've no doubt in my mind that what your looking for will be in store.

Now that I've told you about what is stocked in Conefreys pharmacy I want to tell you all about the lovely staff and atmosphere when I was in with them.
Everyone of the staff where so friendly and couldn't have helped me anymore than they could providing me with information on all the products and ranges. Tomas was there on the day also who was very friendly and such a lovely man to talk to. Tomas kindly sponsored a hamper of over €150 on Cetaphil skincare and lots of Hair, skin and nail supplements to my Ultimate Girls Day Out recently.. Which was an extremely kind gesture!! 
What stood out the most was when anyone popped in to fill prescriptions or just to pick up some items, print photos everyone of the staff knew every customer by name and greeted them as they entered and said goodbye when they left... A service like that is hard to come by nowadays!! Such a friendly, polite and genuine bunch of staff and you could tell really enjoyed their job and what they could to for customers... I can see why they are in business for so long!! :)

You can take a look at their facebook page here.. 

I will definitely be popping back into Conefreys pharmacy again to stock up on more items and to chat with the friendly staff :)

Rebecca xxx

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