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Wednesday's How To Guide.... Mini Facial

Hi Everyone!!

So this Wednesday's How To Guide was chosen by you and it's on.... How To Do A Mini Facial

A good skincare regime is essential both for your skin and also for a good makeup application... As many of you may know I'm always talking about it at my Master classes.
Weather you take the time to treat yourself to a facial in a salon or at home by using products at home you should try and have a facial every 3 months if possible. In the mean time you can carry out your own Mini Facial at home once a week if you have the time.

Today I'm going to tell you how to do one and also showing you some products from the Ziaja range because they are budget friendly and I've used and still use many if their range. I find their range amazing... Now you can of course use you're own preference on brand or brands to use when doing a mini facial.

I've prices and example's of Ziaja products for a couple of different skin types.

So to start off with doing a facial you should use a cleanser to suit you're skavoiding ta couple k

 ( A cleaner will get right into the skin and treat and clean the skin.

Step 1..     Cleanse the skin twice... Once will remove any makeup or dirt on the skin.
The second cleanse will really work into the skin and will do its job.
*When cleansing the skin apply it to the whole face and neck and working in a circular motion massage for a minute or two into the skin. Remove with damp cotton wool, cotton pads, or a damp face cloth

(Do not use toner after cleaning as this will only close the pores and the cold temperature will also help in closing the pore)

Step 2..      Now that the face is clean and rid of any makeup and dirt you now remove any dead skin and deep clean the pores (remove blackheads, spots) using and enzyme peel or exfoliater.
This will alloy new fresh skin to come through leaving the skin looking fresh and feeling supple.

*Apply enzyme peel to damp skin all over the face and neck (avoiding the eyes)in a circular motion gently rub peel into the face for a couple of minutes. Leave for 10-15 minutes to soak into the skin (steam on the skin works better so doing this and then standing in the shower or in a kitchen when cooking) Rinse peel off with warm cotton pads, cotton wool or face cloth. 

Step 3..     Now that you have done the enzyme peel its time to treat any of your "problem areas" like sensitivity on cheeks, oily Tzone, wrinkles etc so I've listed a couple of examples of face masks in the image.

*Apply the mask to the face and neck avoidingtthe eyes. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes also and remove the same way as with the enzyme peel.. Making sure what you use is warm. 

Step 4..    Now that your almost done with doing a facial you use you're toner on the skin to remove any excess products and close the pores. App toner to ddamp cotton wool and in a downwards motion wipe all over face and neck. 

Once you have done all the 4 steps you can now apply your serum if you're using one before your day or night moisturizer. The ones your using now should be fine if their doing the job for you and treating the skin. You will notice an instant difference both to look at and how the skin feels. So make sure you try keep up the regime of once a week to keep the skin treated, protected and deeply cleansed. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this helpful for the next time you go to do a mini facial :) 

Rebecca xxx

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