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Wedesdays How To Do.... A Perfect Fakse Tan

Hi Everyone since changing my blog over to blog.spot I basically had to restart it again and with also having the Facebook page each week I keep people up to date with lots of helpful tips and tricks for all beauty related products and regimes.

So this Wednesday's How To Do ... A Perfect False Tan

To have the "perfect" false tan one of the main keys is good skin prep, so by this I mean a good exfoliation is a MUST before you apply your tan.
You should always exfoliate twice a week anyway to remove any dead skin, tan build up and prevent ingrown hair.. But you must exfoilate your skin before tanning. I use my Glove Your Body Exfoliating Mitt every time.
By doing this your skin is nice and smooth and any previous tan is removed.

Next is to moisturise any dry areas of the busy you are tanning so elbows, knees, face, hands and feet are the most common areas.

So once the prep is done now to create the perfect false tan...
*Start off with doing the legs going from the bottom of the legs working your way to the top one leg at a time.
The reason you start at your legs first is because not everyone has a flat stomach so when you go to bend forward to do your legs the tan will rub off onto your stomach creating marks onto areas you have already tanned, or if you pop by your leg onto anything to reach the lower leg flat stomach or not you will hit off areas already tanned!!

So now that the legs are done without applying anymore tan to your mitt you do your feet... Nobody's feet naturally tan as dark as their body so you never apply loads of tan to the feet, and we all have shoe marks or feet sweat on nights out and let's face it sweaty patchy feet just ain't sexy!!
Ok so with one clean sweep go from the ankle right around the foot and toes and back to the back of the foot, this will taj the feet nicely and won't look uneven.

Now that the lower half of the body is done you now move onto the stomach, bum and back (as much as you can) working your way upwards in circular movements. By using circular movements all the area gets tan applied to the skin.
When you work your way up to your chest apply it over the chest and making sure to stop at the bottom of your neck and shoulders.

Your now going to split the top half into two sections or sides... By doing this you will not miss any areas of the body.
Starting on one side work the tan onto the shoulder, around the back of the shoulder as far as you can reach. Then bring the tan down the front of the arm, making sure not to do your hand raising your hand (only hand) towards the sky flip your arm over (now your hand will be pointing the floor) work your way back up your arm towards the armpit. Once that arm is done blend the tan as much as you can around to your back as far as you can reach.
Now move onto the other shoulder and arm using the same method.
If you find your top half doesn't take to tan as well I always advise applying another layer now once the first layer is done.

Now your hands, face and neck are all that's left to do. So starting with your neck only apply a much smaller amount of tan to your mitt work from the bottom of your neck up to the chin in one sweep doing either side at a time.
Do not apply more tan to the mitt and blend up onto the face (only if you tan your face) taking extra care of the hairline and eyebrows making sure tan doesn't get caught in the hairs.

Once the face and neck are done apply a very very small amount to the mitt and do one hand at a time ... Spreading your fingers and making them into a claw like shape in one clean sweep go from the wrist down to the tips of your your fingers and on the way back sweeping over the thumb. Then do the same with the other hand.

Now that you tan is all done take a small amount of moisruriser and rub it back into your hands and lightly over your face... This just gives you extra moisture so the tan will develop better.

Wear loose clothing and do not wear a bra if your wearing clothes that will have that area visible as the straps will mark the skin even if its work loosely. Darker clothes would also be best in case any excess rubs off onto the clothes.

When you have a shower to rinse off the tan DO NOT cover the body in soap or shower gel on on certain parts like under arms etc. Let the water run clear and when you get out pat yourself dry with a towel and apply a thin layer of moisturiser to the body.. Repeating this everyday after to prolong the tan or use a tanning lotion that prolongs your tan.

And that is how to create the perfect tan.
Thanks for reading this and I hope it helps anyone when applying their tan :)

(Picture is from after when I done my tan one night using the tans I use with my fab Glove Your Body tanning mitt to apply it)

Rebecca xxx

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