Monday, 7 September 2015

Monday's Beauty Bargain - PS Volumising Ultra Black Mascara

So this Monday Beauty Bargain is ONLY €2!!! Yeah thats right €2!!
We all love long curling lashes without having to wear false lashes or semi permanent lashes on a day to day basis and want a good mascara that won't cost too much.

I've chosen Pennys/Primarks Volumising Ultra Black Mascara from the PS range.
It glides onto the lashes so easy with the mascara wand. It coats each lash because of the head of the wand has small ball like shaped silicone applicators instead of a brush. With this head of the wand it doesnt pick up too much product making it easy to coat the lashes in a nice dark mascara.

There is no smell, dryness or irritating feeling from the product itself which I love and I'm sure everyone will appreciate. With it being so cheap in price a lot of people can be sceptical about it irritating your eyes or it being no good but this I can vouch for :)

The packaging is nice too a lovely shade of purple which I like about it also. The is only the PS logo on the front keeping it simple and the type and size on the opposite size.

As you can see from the picture below ive applie it to my eye to show everyone what its like. (I have minimal eyeshadow on so as you can really see the lashes)
It has made my lashes really dark, full and longer looking because its coated all of my lashes. To be honest I didnt think I had that many eyelashes because I had been wearing individual occasional lashes for quite awhile so lost a lot of lashes from them. They have grown baxk but quitw fair in colour so this mascara really grabs and coats all of your lashes.

I would definitely recommend this mascara to Everyone so get out and pick one up. A lot of the PS range tend to sell out quite quickly when they have just been restocked so make sure you stock up when you are there :)

I will have more of the PS range up soon with details and pictures so keep an eye out :)

Let me know if you plan on picking one uo or already have :)

Rebecca xxx

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