Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Valentune's Day Makeup Look

So every Tuesday I'm going to do a step by step makeup look over on Snapchat (lipstickglitz) is my Snapchat.

To start it all off this week I've done a Valentine's Day inspired look, here is the look I created

Before you do your makeup you should always have a good skincare regime and make sure your skin in nice and clean and prepped.
I cleansed the skin with this amazing Organic Surge Hot Cloth Cleanser

Then I applied this moisturiser to my face.... Aveeno Moisturising Lotion and allowed to set for 5/10 mins before moving onto the next step

Then I sprayed my face with Urban Decay B6 prep spray.. this reduces any redness and closed pores. I love this!!

Then I primed my eyes with COVER FX eye soothing primer over the entire lid and under the eye

Once the skin is prepped I then moved onto the brows. I always do my brows before I do anything else with makeup.

I used Inglot's Brow Gel in no.15 and the 17TL brush

 Then for the eyes I used
Inglot 335 shadow for transition colour

Catrice Lilac Maniac into the crease

Inglot 450 to warm up the crease using a Inglot 6SS brush

        Then when everything was applied and blended I went back over everything again with a clean 6SS brush. This was to insure all lines and colours where blended nice and looking clean

Then to warm everything up and give it that smokey look I used
Inglot 325 applied to the inner and outer corners of the eye

I applied 1985 from the Urban Decay Vice Palette onto the centre of the lid

and Inglot Sparkle Dust in the shade 111 pressed on top

using the Inglot 9S brush
 Then applied Inglot 63 to the outer and inner corners
and Inglot 450 back over it and blended out into crease

Using the Blank Canvas Cosmetics E42 brush
After that I then moved onto the face and come back to the eyes after I have set and baking the foundation
To start I primed the face using NYX Pore Filler and applied all over face
Then I use Cover FX foundation in the shade P30
using the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F21 brush in circular and patting motions all over face
After that I highlighted under the eyes, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and centre of the forehead using Cover FX Cream Concealer in the shade Light
and blended all of highlight in using a Sephora Beauty Blender
Once the highlight was blended I then used the "baking" method to set highlight using Laura Mercier translucent powder and the beauty blender

here is how "baking" looks

While the baking is taking place I went back in and done the winged liner and blended shadow into the lower lash line
For the winged liner I used Inglot Gel Liner in shade 77 with a drop of Duraline to intensify the black, applying it with a 31TL brush from Inglot also

Once liner was done I blended the transition colour 355 from Inglot into the lower lash line

and Inglot 450 on top of transition to intensify and even things out using a Sephora small shadow brush
When the eyes where done I brushed off the excess powder from the "baking" and contoured the face using the NYX Contour and Highlighting powder palette and a small NYX Contour brush 

This was the shade I used to contour... it was the second one on the right
and applied to the cheek bones, temples, jaw line and around forehead
Then I contoured the nose using a Inglot 4SS brush and the same shade of contour
To blend out the contour I always use this Inglot deep blush shade its that old the number has worn away but I blend it over the contour and up above this slims down the face :)
 Using the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F14 brush
 Then I applied Mac Peaches & Cream to the apples of the cheeks using the same brush
Then to highlight I use Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop and a Blank Canvas Cosmetics F15 brush and applied it just above cheek bones and above brow
Once the face is done I applied false lashes. These are Penny/Primark Sultry Lashes
I applied the lashes using Duo Latex Free Glue
Then for the lips I used a lip liner and liquid lipstick
Lip liner is Penny/Primark PS Love range in Plum and L.A Splash liquid lipstick
Here is a small video of the finished look
Let me know what you think of the look... would you wear it?
Rebecca xxx


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