Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Glove Your Body Dual Facial Cleansing & Exfoliation Pad

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Valerie from Glove Your Body kindly sent me the NEW Dual Facial Cleansing & Exfoliation Pad :)
(This is not a paid post)

 I was delighted when it arrived... as a lot of you already know I'm a massive fan of the Tanning Mitt and the Exfoliating Mitt, so I couldn't wait to give this a try.

The Dual Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Pad is prices at €9.99 and is a unique duo pad. One side is a  daily cleansing pad and on the other its a exfoliation pad.
Now this to me is defiantly an essential for everyone out there both women AND MEN!! Yes I said it men too. They need to look after their skin just as much as we do.

So on one side is a soft muslin cloth which gently removes dirt and makeup. It ccan be used on its own to or you can apply your cleansing product and remove with the muslin cloth on the pad.

On the other side is the exfoliation pad which is the unique exfoliating material that is used in the exfoliating mitt (which is amazing) This side can be used to remove any stringer makeup products, a long with removing any dead skin cells by giving you a light exfoliation.
My thoughts:
I absolutely LOVED it! With it being small and compact it is perfect for popping into your makeup bag for on the go, short breaks aways or just for storing in the bathroom with out taking up too much room or needing to have too many products. It really is a multi purpose product.
The handle which can be switched over to the opposite side is great, it holds the pad on your hand and doesn't slip off. I was a little worried that it would happen when swiping it across my face but it stayed in place.
Appearance wise I love how it ties in with the rest of the Glove Your Body colour themes and looks part of the family. I love a good print :)
When I was using the cleansing side I've used it both with and without a cleansing product. I found for more waterproof or stubborn makeup products using a cleaning product with it will remove the all makeup which is fab! The muslin side was super soft on my skin and as many of you already know I'm extremely sensitive to almost EVERYTHING but my God this felt great on my skin. There was no redness or irritation left on the skin.
The exfoliation side I left only for exfoliating my skin I didn't use it for removing more stubborn or waterproof products... you can but my skin as I said is very sensitive and I didn't want to be rubbing this on my eyes or a lot on my skin as I find you'd have to rub back and forth a bit to remove gel liner etc.
This side for exfoliation however was also AMAZING you only had to gently glide this side over the skin and any excess or dead skin just came away without any redness left on the skin. What I done was dampen down the face first and them wiped this side over the skin. The material is the same as the exfoliating mitt and I love that mitt it literally removes any false tan, dead skin without leaving your skin sore, red or irritated so I was hoping it would be just as good for the face and it was!!!
I have been using the pad since I got it and wanted to really test it out and give it a proper review and let everyone know how I got on with it, and I'm loving it!! It washes great. I wash it after every use either with my cleanser or soft soap and it washes up back to new. I would advise that you wash it after every use also as you are using it clean your skin and remove dead skin so you don't want to be cleaning your skin with a pad that has dirt on it each time as this will give you spots, sore eyes, and even skin infections :(  so keep it clean!
I want to show everyone how well it works for removing makeup without a cleansing product and exfoliating the skin.
This is before I used the pad and as you can see I have quite a bit of makeup on and product in my brows.
This is after and how clean my skin looks a long with feeling super smooth and no redness to the skin even after exfoliating straight after removing makeup.
Valerie has just informed me that they are doing FREE DELIVERY on the Dual Cleaning & Exfoliation Pad NOW and this amazing offer is WORLDWIDE
So if you plan on picking one up now would be the best time as you would get it for €9.99 plus FREE DELIVERY
For more information here's their Facebook and Website  
If you have picked up any of Glove Your Body's amazing products or plan on picking them up make sure you let me know how you get on!! :)
Rebecca xxx  

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