Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Alfaparf That's It Range

I was recently sent the new range of hair care products from Alfaparf, I've used Alfaparf products before and loved them so I was super excited when they arrived :)

So I received the Blonde Ambition Shampoo and the Blonde Parade Mask. These products are designed for blonde hair weather it natural or coloured hair. They have light reflecting pearl particles that diffuse light from all directions, giving the hair an incredible shine. Along with this they nourish the hair and gives the hair a healthy vibrant appearance.

Now some of you may be thinking.... but she doesn't have blonde hair??
I don't but these work just as good on other hair colours and I don't know if you have been following my snapchat (lipstickglitz) you would have seen me use them.
With my colour washing out the shampoo has actually toned down that brassie shade of my ends where my hair had been previously bleached. The shine through the my hair is amazing and you can really see the colours running through my hair.
The mask felt amazing in the shower within seconds my hair felt soooo soft!! When I went to brush my hair wet the brush glided straight through the hair. This I loved because that is my one hatred after washing my hair.. knots!!!
Overall these two fab products get a thumbs up from me !! :)

                                                   So heres a closer look at the shampoo
                                                  The Blonde Ambition is priced at €12.95

                                                      and here's the mask
                                                   The Blonde Parade is priced at €14.95

Both of these and the other products from the That's It range is available from most salons that stock or use Alfaparf Products.

I would highly recommend these for blonde hair because if it can do wonders for my dark multi toned hair and I can only imagine what it would do to blonde hair.

Let me know if you have tried either of these or of the other products from the range, or if you plan on picking them up.

                                                                   Rebecca xxx

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