Thursday, 18 February 2016

Organic Surge

I was recently invited to an Organic Surge event in the fab Soder+Ko to show case some of the brands that are now available in Ireland, along with telling us about the amazing range.

Organic Surge is a natural skincare range that is created and developed from the highest quality of essential oils. They are kind enough to be used on many delicate skin types such as sensitive skin, eczema skins. They only use products that are kin to your skin, along with being suitable for vegetarians and are not tested on animals.
 The products from the range smell and feel amazing on the skin, some even seing instant effects which is great as this can be very hard to achieve with skin care products.

The evening itself was great. There was a great atmosphere at the event and everyone was very well looked after from both RDCommunications and Organic Surge.

We where all kindly gifted with a lovely goody bag with some of the Organic Surge products which I couldn't wait to try when I got home!! :)

I have been using the products I received on a daily basis since I received them so here's a little about them and how I found them.

Organic Surge Daily Care Comforting Hand & Nail Cream
Lavender Meadow
This hand cream is clinically proven to be kind to skin and suitable for Eczema prone skin. The essential oils and glycerine nourish and prevent moisture loss, soothe and protect your skin.
It does just that!! When you apply it to your hands they feel so soft almost instantly, the cream soaks in lovely so you are not left with a tacky residue left on the hands. Also the smell of lavender is just lovely without it being too over powering.
I personally have very dry skin on my hands so they have been super soft and the skin has improved greatly since using it.

Organic Surge Extra Care Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser
This hot cloth cleanser is designed to remove dirt and impurities with the highest quality essential oils which will clean the skin along with rejuvenating the skin.
Orange and geranium oils are expertly blended with the exceptional damask rose flower oil to stimulate and hydrate, while aloe vera and shea butter moisturise and soothe.
So you massage this into dry skin and wash away with a warm cloth. This product feels lovely and creamy on the skin but wipes away very easily from the skin using your cloth. When wearing makeup I always do two cleanses with any cleanser to really clean the skin. With this I do the same and its a lovely cleanser to work with. My skin feels soft, smooth after and stays nice, fresh and bright looking in appearance. I have very dry/sensitive skin and this was lovely, it didn't irritate my skin at all or give me any redness as some can do this. I really liked it and will definitely be picking up more when its run out.
Organic Surge Extra Care Intensive Soothing Serum
This velvety serum restores radiance to dull and uneven complexions
Rejuvenate, Condition and Protect.
A serum is applied after your cleanser and before  moisturiser. It is designed to really treat the skin and help your moisturise di its job better.
I'm a big fan of serums and nearly everyone should be using them!! There are many different types so suitable for every skin type.
I've been applying this daily before my moisturiser, it soaks in very quickly which I really love about it. It glides onto the skin and leaves the skin feeling lovely and smooth. It has brightened up my skin really well sadly with having dry or sensitive skin it can some times look dull or uneven in colour. A little goes a long way with this product so only use a pea sized amount.
Organic Surge Daily Care Refreshing Face Wash
This gentle face wash rinses away impurities and makeup without stripping your skin of it protective moisture.
It is also suitable for sensitive skin and has pure Rose Geranium essential oils.
Now I've not used this product yet because I chose to use the Hot Cloth Cleanser first, I didn't want to mix the two as I wouldn't be really testing these both properly then and I always like to give everyone an honest review as to how I get on with products on my skin.
If it is anything like the Hot Cloth cleanser then I have no doubt in my mind that it will be just as good.
If you are looking to pick up any of the range it will be available in pharmacy's nationwide very soon and it will be a very affordable brand but has the luxury a quality of a high end brand.
For anyone looking to pick up some of the products now Beauty Boutique are stocking the full range and are kindly giving EVERYONE FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE AND THREE FREE SAMPLES
All you have to do is use the CODE: Glitter at the checkout  :) :)
Let me know if you are planning on picking any of the range up or already have :)
Rebecca xxx

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