Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Artistry Exact Fit Longwear Foundation

Hi everyone, 

I was recently sent the NEW Artistry Exact Fit  Longwearing Foundation SPF15 24 Hour Flawless Performance & Natural Coverage€48.95

I was delighted when it arrived as you all know I CANT get enough of makeup!! 

So the foundation is a natural looking foundation with a medium coverage which you can build to full coverage. It's designed to stay in place throughout the day/night and can withstand humidity and high temperatures. 
It has a flawless effect to the skin along with leaving a radiant glow without needing to do any touch ups. 
It's suitable for ALL skin types especially normal to oily skin and is available in 14 shades. 

I was sent shade L5W1 which is a darker shade which is more suitable when wearing tan. 
The durability was incredible it literally does not budge from the skin. When applying the foundation it glided onto the skin and blended great. It didn't take long to dry and even though it's designed to last 24 hours it doesn't look too matte on the skin which can happen with many long wearing foundations. 
I didn't need to touch up my skin at all and just to check out how durable it was I splashed water over my face to see would it budge.... It didn't!!! It's more or less waterproof. I tried both with using power to set and without powder and very little oil came through on the skin. I would suggest though that if you do have any oily areas just apply translucent powder to them areas. This foundation is ideal for a night out and with the SPF only being 15 there is very little flash back ( no white face in pictures ) 

When removing the foundation you will need a remover or cleanser that is a bit tougher for more waterproof products. I used an oil based product which broke down the foundation and removed it nicely. If you don't have any baby oil or coconut oil would be also ideal. 
The only thing I will say is if you are wearing it a few days in a row or everyday and you have dry/dehydrated skin use a primer before applying  it and make sure you use plenty of moisturiser both before and after as with it being basically waterproof it will dry out the skin a little if not used correctly. 

I will definitely be picking up more of this when I run out as it deffo gets a thumbs up from me :) 
I love a good foundation you just pop on and literally don't have to worry about until you're removing it.  

For more information on shades and ordering go to 

If you have tried this Fab foundation or are planning on picking it up let me know :)

                         Rebecca xxx 

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