Thursday, 29 October 2015

Vitry Nail Repair Treatment

Just over a few weeks ago the lovely Tomas from Conefrey's Pharmacy sent me this Vitry Nail Repair Treatment to try out.

                               This Vitry Nail Repair treatment is €13.99 for 10mls

      As you can see from the picture its not quite clear in colour its more of a cloudy colour. It's designed to strengthen weak, cracked and broken nails within two weeks. You apply it to clean nails every two days and taking care of what you do with them in between the applications every two days. So by this it means be careful when washing, cleaning and opening things like jars and cans.

With my nails being is quite good condition from Conefrey's Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplements I decided to test it out on one of my clients who's nails never grow due to breaking constantly and splitting.
                                                     Here's her nails before
As you can see they are quite short and uneven in shape from breaking so much.
Here's what they look like after three weeks
My client has a massive difference in nail length where she has a tip coming off the free edge of the nails. They are much more healthy looking in colour and appearance. She noticed they felt much more stronger when it came to opening things and after washing up or having hands submerged in water. They don't bend as much either.
They have come on a long way. She followed all instructions correctly and applied it every two days as guided. She loves them!! :) :)
Overall I'm delighted with the progress in such short amount of time. It just proves that certain nail repair treatment polishes do work!!!
I would suggest if your nails aren't weak, cracked or brittle not to use it because it will make your nails too hard and cause them to break. As you can see in the second pic above very little is gone from the bottle after 3 weeks of applying every 2 days so it will last you quite awhile....Can you imagine how good your nails would look in three months time using this?! 
I would highly recommend this product and would also suggest that you take Conefrey's Hair, Skin and Nail supplements also with this product to really give your nails a good boost and help them improve greatly. I stand behind both products as a guarantee they have worked!!!
Here are the Conefrey's Hair, Skin and Nail supplements also
These are €7.49
With it coming into the Winter this is the time our nails, skin and hair get effected by the cold and wind, along with the heat conditions in work or home so make sure you pick up either or both to protect yourself for the Winter months ahead!!
Conefrey's Pharmacy are in Pearse Street, Dublin 1.
They don't have an online site but Tomas will send you either of these products out to you if you are not in the area or outside of Dublin.
If you want to pick up either of these just get in touch with myself of Tomas and we can get it organised for you.
If you plan on picking up either of these amazing products or already have them make sure you let me know how you get on with them!!
Rebecca xxx

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