Monday, 5 October 2015

Beauty Bargain of the Week - Mess Head 3 Day Smoothing Spray

Hey everyone... I've been slighted MIA the past few weeks but I'm getting back into it.
So to start off October ( I know we are 5 days in already but better late than never ;) )

I've not really touched on hair products or hair care too much lately so I thought this brilliant product was worth a Mondays Beauty Bargain mention... Its ONLY €1.50
Yep that's right!! I picked this up in EURO GIANT about 2/3 weeks ago.
It's a leave in spray to Dane frizzy unruly hair. Leaving it sleek and smooth.... And it just just that.
My hair isnt super frizzy but can be quite unruly. I applied it to my hair after washing it from the mid sections to the the ends. The spray bottle makes it easy to get an even spray throughout the hair.

Blow drying my hair was so much easier instead of having to go over each section a few times each section was done in half the time. I had no fly away bits or anything and it stayed straight and much more silky. I got 3 days before I had to wash my hair again and I think that was because I wasn't touching or messying at it as much so wasn't as greasy.
My hair is quite fine so once I touch or run my fingers through it I don't get long at all.  This is defiantly a must have and for only €1.50 you can't go wrong!!

I have tried many many hair products over time and none have left my hair like this... Most products can leave my hair tacky, or leave a residue in my hair giving it that "greasy" look so a lot of the time I shy away from hair products unless its a finishing oil that I run through the end of my hair to keep it under control.

I would highly recommend this product for all hair types so make sure the next time you are passing a Euro Giant run in a pick one up!!
I picked mine up at the Euro Giant just off the Kylemore Road.
Click HERE to check out your nearest store.

Rebecca xxx

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