Saturday, 24 October 2015

Artistry Hydra-V Collection

I attended a Artistry Hydra-V seminar a couple of weeks ago to show and tell everyone about the new collection.

The Hydra-V collection is a deep hydration range with can be used on all skin types to rehydrate the skin.
This range is so incredible that even if you have a oily combination skin type you can use it... In fact its suitable for ALL skin types.

Hydration can be difficult to treat in the skin especially finding the right product, aside from taking in the correct amount of water everyday we all want that perfect cream or serum to treat our skin but also not leaving the skin with a greasy film or tacking finish to the skin.
Hydra-V does not do this at all in fact it instantly treats the skin and you notice and feel a difference straight away.

Now when I heard this on the day I was a total sceptic because I've tried and tested many brands and products to treat dehydration and never had an instant effect that lasted all day. You always need to give it a few days and then a full 4 weeks or more to notice a real difference.

Well wait and I tell you about this....  I was kindly gifted with a Hydra-V Fresh Toner and Nourishing Gel Cream.
When I went home that evening I removed my makeup with my usual cleanser and then I used the Hydra-V Toner and I didn't have a tightish feeling that I normally do have on mg face after using toners. I then used the Nourishing Gel Cream and instantly my skin felt lovely.

The next morning like most mornings when I wake I can always have like a flaky like look to my skin especially the forehead and patches on my cheeks and there was none. I've continued to use both the tone and gel cream for 4 weeks now and my skin has become more plump and  better in colour. Its not as dull or grey looking and literally no flaking on any areas of the face.

I've never once came across a skincare product to actually do what it says and treat dehydration quite like it.

Thus range is that little more expensive that your average brand that you would go for but they are every bit worth their money in my opinion.
It can be purchased in some salons and day spas or take a look here for more information and where to pick some up.

If you suffer with dehydration ibwoukd highly recommend it. Anyone who does have dehydration the cold weather and winds is only going to make it worse so now is the time to really treat it and prevent it from getting worse.

Let me know if you have picked this range up or plan on getting any of the products.

Rebecca xxx

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