Monday, 26 October 2015

Beauty Bargain of the Week - Ziaja Argain Oil Hand Cream

With the weather getting colder and miserable �� we need to protect our skin. Heating systems, radiators, air conditioning units in the work place all dry out the skin aside from the dreaded Winter weather. So this is why this weeks Beauty Bargain is Ziaja Natural Argan Oil hand cream €3.99.

This Argan oil hand cream is amazing because of its properties... The argan oil and glycerin acts as a barrier against the cold and heat on the skin. While the minerals and vitamins repair the skin and prevent any more drying on the skin.

I've used and tried the Argan oil shower gel and it was amazing. The hand cream doesn't leave a greasy or tacky fininsh to the hands when you apply it. After a minute or two its completely soaked in leaving the skin feeling soft and plump. Its even got a soft mild scent to it from the Argan oil which is lovely but not over powering. There's nothing worse than a hand cream that stinks of a strong perfume!!

This hand cream is definitely one for beside the bed and applied morning and night and one for in the handbad for when you are on the go. Price wise its only €3.99 which is a bargain considering a pea sized amount goes a long way.

So make sure you get yours and get your skin protected and help the dryness or cracked skin on your hands before the cold makes it worse.

You can order online from here or most pharmacy's nationwide stock the Ziaja range.

Rebecca xxx

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