Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Boyne Country Candles

Recently the lovely Denise from Boyne Country Candles gifted me with this Amazing Jamaica candle which is made with exotically fragrance oils and soy wax. Which smells absolutely define!! I'm quite fussy when it comes to candles and their scents... I find some can be very over powering and sometimes can give me a headache if burning too long. This candle is lovely and subtly scented and not over powering at all!! Which I obviously love and can cannot get enough of!!

Denise herself hand makes these candles (how amazing is that)
She uses frangrance oils and soy wax everything she uses is all natural products so there are no chemicals burning into the air space around you.
She has a range which are names on places around the world which when you might then it almost takes you to that place with the smell in the room... This idea I loved especially with this weather just sit back and close your eyes and imagine you are there.... Just don't open your eyes and look out the window to see rain ;)

There is an aray of choices to chose from the 'take me to' range which I can guarantee you you'll struggle to pick one because they all smell so lovely!

Denise also has a Organic range which are made more essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, plus lots more. These are also amazing in scent without being too much! These reminded me of being in a day spa and the smells you would pick from either having a massage or just from being in the spa itself.

With them all being hand made they are very affordable from €12.50 to €15.00 I think they are priced great! I have had mine burning for a few days now and very little has actually gone from the candle itself where as you can pick up candles and be lucky to get two days of burning out of some!

I'm also delighted to say that Denise will also be showcasing the Boyne Country Candles at the Ladies Day in the Green Isle hotel, Dublin which we have organized for chairty. She will have special offers on the day for candles sales on the day.

Thanks a million Denise for my lovely candle I'll definitely be picking up more from you soon.
For anyone looking to pick some up I've attached the link in the name above.

Rebecca xxx

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