Monday, 2 November 2015

Beauty Bargain of the Week - Tough Stuff

So this weeks Beauty Bargain of the Week is Cocoa Brown's Tough Stuff.
I was recently gifted with this amazing product from SimplyFoxy at the Blog Awards along with many other products!

I'm all for exfoliating once a week at least to remove dead skin cells and old tan to make your skin feel great and fresh for a new layer of false tan.
I normally use the Glove Your Body exfoliating mitt as some products can irritate my skin ( I'm one of the overally sensitive ones )

I wear false tan quite a lot nearly every week so I exfoliate 2/3 times a week. I applied this exfoliator with my mitt in the shower.... Its a lovely pink colour with small exfoliating balls in it to give it that 'rough' feeling on the skin.
With soft gently circular motions literally all dead skin and tan came away from my skin, I was pleasantly surprised!! :)
A little goes a long way too so it will last quite awhile.

I really loved it and my skin wasn't irritated in anyway. My skin was feeling so smooth and soft and made tanning go on super easy afterwards.
Its called the Tough Stuff for a reason and I reckon it could remove the most of stubborn tans!

You can pick up the Tough Stuff for €5.99 from SimplyFoxy online or Penny's.
As much as I love Penny's I'm so glad SimplyFoxy are online and deliver so as we don't have to venture out into the cold and rain in the Winter months ahead :) :)

If you have tried it or plan on picking it up make sure you let me know.

                       Rebecca xxx

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