Sunday, 20 September 2015

Beauty Bargain of the Week - Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer €6.45

So I recently picked up this AMAZING primer from Superdrug in the Square Shopping Centre in Tallaght.  Its only €6.45 which is a great price for such a great product.

I've tried and tested quite a few primers oveew the last year or so. As they are such an essential for everyday, going out makeup both for professional makeup artists and everyone in general I'm always on the hunt for a good high end and budget friendly primer...  well I think I have found the budget friendly one from Makeup Revolution.

When using a primer you only ever use a pea sized anount when applying primer.. otherwise too much almost does the opposite of a primers job. You always apply it before makeup and after you apply moisturiser. 
It acts a barrier between your skin and makeup. Making your makeup last longer.  It prevents any oil getting through onto your makeup giving you that oily look on the nose,  t-zone and the chin. It also gives the skin a flawless finish and base so as your foundation will glide onto the skin.... so that's why we ALL should be using a primer!!

This one is great. I didn't have any problems whatsoever with it.. my make up did not budge one bit.  No oily nose (which I always get) and I've also noticed my skin looks less dry or dehydrated when I remove my makeup.
Its ment to make your makeup last 24 hours.... now I dono about you but I don't wear my make up that long or sleep in makeup but from morning to night it doesn't budge!!

So if you're looking for a good quality budget friendly makeup primer then this is the one!! Makeup Revolution can be brought online from the link above or if you have a Superdrug store near you they also have a Makeup Revolution stand in most stores around the country. 

If you pick one up or plan on picking one make sure you let me know how you get on :)

Rebecca xxx

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