Friday, 15 July 2016

Shiseido Meet-Up Event

On Wednesday evening I was kindly invited to a Shiseido Meet-up event to show some bloggers about the range of products and the brand itself.  

When I got there I arrived to a lovely training room layed out really lovely and greeted with such a warm welcome. The lovely Fiona couldn't have been any nicer and organised such a great event. 
There where canap├ęs on arrival along with prosecco. What a spread it was!! 

Shiseido is over 145 years old and was founded in 1872 in Japan. 
They are in Ireland since 1992, I have heard of the brand and to be quite honest I never really knew too much about them so I was intrigued to hear more about them. 

They are a skincare, makeup and fragrance company and own many other well know brands such as Nars and Issey Miyake plus many more. 

The event itself was amazing and very informative which is safe to say I NEED SHISEIDO in my life!! 
They where the first to bring out a 24 hr moisturiser which is sold ever 15 seconds. They are also the first brand to bring out Bio-hyalauronic acid which plumps the skin along with moistursing the skin and leave it looking radiant. 
My favourite of all is the Ultimune product which is a serum that treat any imperfection or blemishes on the skin along with leaving it look radiant!! These are the most awarded cosmetic on the market with over 54 global awards. 

Everyone was shown a couple of clips about the brand, where it came from and the founder along with a couple of videos showing the powder of makeup and your take on things about cosmetics along with a brief over view of the brand. 
I found it all very informative. 

We where then shown a makeup demo from the lovely Danielle Mahon who is a brand ambassador for Shiseido. Here's the link to her site Danielle Mahon
Danielle talked us through the brand and some of her favourite products. 
It's always great to see other MUA's in action :) 

I went mad about the new foundation and I am only dying to get my hands on it. 

It's Synchro Skin €48 
The foundation is suitable for all skin types because it adapts you your skin when you apply it. It's abuildable coverage and inhances the skins natural vitality and complection. 

I tested it out on the back of my hand and it dried in so nice. I left it on my hand for a good few hours and it didn't transfer onto my clothes. I rubbed it quite a few times and it didn't budge. Now if you are like me and want a foundation that doesn't look cakey, improves skin and doesn't rub off easy this seems to be the one. I love the fact that it suits every skin type and tone so there's no worrying what type or under tone is needed it suits everyone! 
I will definitely be stocking up on this for myself as well as my kit. 

The evening itself was great I met some lovely new bloggers that I'd never met before and caught up with some I'd not seen in awhile. All in all it was a great evening.  

When leaving we were all giving an amazing goody bag to take home 
Containing all these goodys and it's safe to say I've tried the cleanser and loving it. I'll have all info and reviews on the products we received up very soon. 
In the mean time if you have Snapchat follow mine lipstickglitz and you will see all info about the products when I use them. 

Thanks again to the lovely and fab Fiona from  
The Works PR for inviting me and everyone at Shiseido Ireland. 

Rebecca xxx 

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