Monday, 4 July 2016

Coconut Oil

Hi everyone, 

As many of you may already know but I LOVE Coconut Oil and its many uses. If you watch my Snapchat ( lipstickglitz) you will see what I use it for on a regular basis. 

Coconut Oil is a great natural, healthy  product with so many uses for both internally and externally on the body aside from cooking with. 
It has high moisturising properties along with healing properties. 

Due to popular demand I decided to write a blog post on all its handy uses. 

The Coconut Oil I use is from Tesco and is less than €3. 

So let's start off with the benifits it has on... 

The Body: 
If ingested orally it can help the guy, intestines, heartburn, fight infections such as flu, influenza, throat infections, urinary tract infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections. 
It is also an anti inflammatory and antioxidants. 
So why wouldn't we all have this is our presses for the body alone!! 

What we can use Coconut Oil for: 

* Bug Bites - apply directly on to bite and it will remove itch / burning sensation and will help heal the area. 

* Burns - apply to burn ASAP and it will help the pain / sensation of the burn and treat the area and aid in healing. Keep applying until healed and will also prevent from scarring. 

* Age Spots - apply to the spot and will help it fade. 

* Dandruff & Cradle Cap - apply to area and it will nourish the skin and eliminate the dandruff / cradle cap. 

* Dry Lip - rub onto lips a couple of times a day and at night and will soften and moisturise the lips. 

* Bruise - apply to bruise and will help heal bruise and reduce swelling and redness. 

* After Shave Balm - apply after shaving and will help reduce redness and heal any broken skin. 

* Eye Cream - apply under and around eye to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. Apply all over lid at night as an over night treatment. 

* Cleanser - apply all over the face and massage into the skin to remove makeup and waterproof products. Apply second layer to get a deep cleanse while nourishing the skin. 

* Facial treatment - apply layer to the face at night and leave over night. This will help treat any dryness, puffiness in the skin. Also heal and renew skin cells. 

* Exfoilator - mix oil with sugar and form a paste. Apply all over the body in circular motions to remove any dead skin. Also great from removing tan. 

* Deodorant- can be used as a deodorant.

* Nappy Rash - apply to areas of rash to help heal and treat the skin. 

* Hair Treatment - apply to hair and leave over night. Can be used as hot oil treatment melt and apply to hair and wrap in cling film and leave for 15-20 mins and wash out. 

* Pre Shampoo Treatment - apply from mid lengths to tips of hair before washing hair to prevent water from drying out hair. 

* Hair serum - rub into hands and run through hair to condition and prevent frizz and fly aways. 

* Lubricant - natural, safe lubricant. Not compatible with latex. 

* Nipple Cream - apply to nipples to nourish cracked, sore nipples. 

* Stretch Marks - apply to areas to nourish damaged skin and reduce colours of stretch marks. 

* Shaving Oil - apply to area and shave as normal. 

* After Sun - apply to sun burnt areas. Will help and heal the areas. 

* Tattoos - apply to tattoos to help the healing process, prevent infection and prevent from tattoo fading. 

* Teeth Whitening - rub into teeth and leave for 15 - 20 mins and remove. 

* Ear ache - warm up oil and apply into ear and seal up with cotton wool. 

* Nausea - rub oil to inside of wrist and forearm to help calm upset stomach. 

* Dry Skin around Nose - apply around the nose and nostrils to heal cracked, dry skin. 

* Massage Oil - melt oil and use as massage oil to areas of the body. 

* Cracked Dry Heal / Feet - apply liberally to feet and leave over night. ( wear socks to help soak on better ) 

* Eczema - apply liberally to areas. Coconut oil will help treat and heal areas. 

* Acne - apply to areas to help heal and treat acne. 

* Boils / Cysts - apply to boils / cysts and will reduces swelling and redness along with treating area. 

* Athletes Foot - apply to area and daily until athletes foot is gone. 

* Hayfever / Allergies - apply to nostrils and inside of nose to prevent pollen or allergies from entering the nose. 

* Decongestant - apply to chest and nose to help decongest.

* Warts - apply to warts daily to reduce and remove warts. 

* Hives - apply to hives until gone. 

* Soap - can be used as a natural ingredient in soap.

* Pets - can be giving to pets to help digestion, teeth, muscles, arthritis, ligaments. 

* Cleaning Product - can be used to clean furniture, leather, polish bronze. 

* Remove Chewing Gum - apply and rub in liberally and leave for 30-45 mins and rub gently to remove. 

* Cook / Fry - apply to pan instead of butter or oil to fry with.  
Use as supplement for cooking when using butter or oil. 

These are just some of the things you can do with Coconut Oil, there are many many more uses. I didn't want to flood you with too many. 

If you know of any not listed feel free to comment below and let everyone know. 

I hope you find some of these uses helpful :)

Rebecca xxx 

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