Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Ziaja Argan Oil Body Butter

I'm a big fan of Ziaja, they are a great skincare range. I suffer with dry/sensitive skin and find it sooo hard to get a moisturiser than WON'T irritate my skin...
Last year I stumbled across Ziaja in a pharmacy and picked some of it up.... Within a week of using it I was in love with the range!!

The range itself is budget friendly and comes in many many ranges for adults and children, from skincare to hair care.

When it comes to the cold Winter weather we all need that extra bit of protection on our skin and during these months I switch to the Argan Range.
It has natural Argan oils in the range so its that bit stronger in putting moisture back into the skin and suitable for sensitive/irritated skin.
It almost acts like a waterproof film on the skin so as the wind,rain and extreme cold and heat won't get in and effect the skin.
Heating from air conditioning systems and radiators cause havoc on the skin because its an intense heat and going from the cold into the heat isn't good on the skin.

This Argan Oil Body Butter is a Godsend!!! I apply it morning and night and to my hands once or twice throughout the day and my God the difference in my skin. I don't have the redness on the skin we all get in the Winter. My skin isn't dry or scaly.
Its plump and healthy looking.

This cream is a WINTER MUST HAVE in my opinion and with it being only €7.99 (220ml) a little goes a long with this product too so it will last quite awhile too.
The smell is AMAZING without it being to over powering on the skin... I hate creams that smell too strong.
Most pharmacys nationwide stock Ziaja but if not you can get it from Original Beauty online and you will find ALL the ranges there.


As always if you have tried any of the range or plan on picking it up let me know how you get on :)

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