Sunday, 24 January 2016

Penny's Makeup Drawers

Hi everyone!!

I'm back!!! I took a couple of weeks out from blogging but I'm back :)

Yesterday I woke to the madness all over Facebook and the internet and this time is wasn't any of the Kardashian's.... it was Penny's.
They have done it again!! They have really upped their game for beauty products lately and I'm loving it. Yesterday I had to go see with my own eyes just how good these new releases were....

Penny's or Primark depending on where you live brought out cosmetic storage drawers and holders in two shades...clear and pink and priced amazingly. The two small drawers are €4 and the tray that has holders built in are €3..... Now how can you go wrong with them prices??!.

Here's what I picked up
Now when I got to Penny's in Dundrum Shopping Centre all they had left was the pink shade but the colour ties in with my makeup table so I was happy with that.
The shelf was crowded with people dying to get their hands on what was left.

I picked up the two drawer sets and one tray style to stack on top. I got these to hold lipsticks on my table keeping them neat and tide and here is how they look....
I'm delighted with how they look, I have all lipsticks in the drawer in order of colour and on the top I have all liquid lipsticks (which are my little obsession at the moment).
Size wise the drawers and tray are quite small so you wouldn't get too much in them. I have eight lipsticks side by side in each drawer if that gives you a rough guide in size of width and you have stack the lipsticks up to two height wise per drawer. Ideally these would be perfect for holding small makeup products like eyes shadows, pigments, lipsticks, blushers etc.
These are perfect for all ages even for holding and storing hair accessories if you didn't want them for makeup. They have many uses.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on them while stocks last then definitely do they are worth it!! I have a feeling we will be seeing lots of these going up on Facebook and that with lots of different uses so keep and eye out and if you have picked some up make sure you let me know what you put in yours :)

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