Monday, 14 December 2015

PS Love Your Hair Texturising Surf Hair Spray (review)

I picked up this Pennys Love Your Hair Texturising Surf Hair Spray last week and it was only €2.50 so said I'd give it a try and see how it goes.

So its designed to give you that wavy beach look and also give you some texture and volume. I have tried a few of these types of sprays before both in Salons and from the likes of Boots etc. Some I find can leave your hair with lots of knots and almost dirty looking.

This one I have to say I liked!!! You can spray it into wet/damp hair or when your hair is dry. I applied it to my hair the first time when it was freshly washed, dried of the heavy wet and sprayed it to my hair both mid lengths and to the roots. I then left it to dry the rest itself.. I didn't touch my hair for a few hours then.
It did have a wavy look without being greasy or dirty looking. There was very little knots which I liked and was super easy to brush my hair later that evening.
I applied it to my hair the next day on the mid section of the hair and gave it a shake all over at the roots also to give it a bit of a boost.
It actually looked better the second time around it was much more wavy looking and full of volume :)

If you sprayed this into your hair the  night before going out or early that day and put your hair into one big lose plat I'd say it would be much much more wavy!

Overall for €2.50 its deffo a bargain and will be using it more often.. its super handy when your on the go or if you haven't got time to blow dry your hair.

This would make a great stocking filler if your looking for just the simple bits and pieces that us women love..... Don't be too surprised if you find men using it next for that messy kind of look with their longer hair!!!

So as usual if you have tried this or is planning on picking it up let me know how you get on :)

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