Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Note Cosmetics

Note Cosmetics.....have you tried any of the range??

I had heard so much about the Note Cosmetics range on Snapchat and across the internet so I said I'd go pick up some the range to see what I thought of it!!
From what I had seen online I was thinking it all sounded too good to be true and only way was to find out for myself.

Here's what I picked up....

I'll start off with prices....

Detox & Protect Spf 15 Foundation in shade 03 Medium Beige €13.95

Full Coverage Liquid Concealer in shade 01 Ivory  €4.95

Terracotta Powder in shade 02 Warm Honey €8.95

Long Wearing Lip Gloss in shade 05 cream Cup €7.95

Silk Compact Powder in shade 04 Sand €9.95

From the prices above you can see that whey are a very affordable brand. I paid €45 for 5 products from the range which is great!

My Thoughts.....

Ok so I'll be honest I didn't think I was going to like the products giving the price range and all the hype about them. They look like a high end affordable brand with the packaging and a lot like another brand that many makeup artists use and makeup lovers out there but are a hell of a lot cheaper as you can see from the prices... so I was thinking Nah these are not going to be good!!
              Well wasn't I pleasantly surprised!! :) I LOVE them !!! The quality is UNREAL !!
The foundation itself lasts all day and is so lovely to work with. It blends so easily onto the skin and sets and sits lovely on the skin. Its a medium to full coverage foundation and with the medium coverage which is one layer it covers any redness or blemishes on my skin for me. Most foundations need two layers for full coverage or a good medium coverage to cover the redness without a doubt. I patted and buffed the foundation into the skin and it looked flawless, I was blown away by how good it looked.

The concealer is nice to work with it blends lovely too and isn't too heavy on the skin. It also doesn't crease I tested it lots of times with setting with and without powder and it sit perfect with no creasing. The only thing I will say about the concealer is... it says its full coverage but personally I find you need 2 - 3 layers of it to be full coverage. There's nothing wrong with that at all as its quite a light product but if I'm looking for a flaw that's all I can find with it!

The lip gloss is amazing I'd not worn a lip gloss is soooo long because I'm all about that liquid lipstick life....well not anymore. My love for lip gloss is back. It stays in place and holds its colour and shine really well. Obviously with a gloss it will wear away much quicker but it does last a good few hours. It's not real tacky and sticky on the lips which is nice to because tacky, sticky glosses drive me up the wall!!

The Terracotta Powder..... can we just take a minute to appreciate this product.... its amazing seriously!!! It's one of the nicest high lighters I've used in a long time. Its a dream to work with and it sits on the skin so lovely. It's so finely milled that there's very little blending needed with it. It builds lovely on the skin too so if you want a really vibrant and noticeable highlight it doesn't look too powdery when building it up which I love. I'll be picking up more of the shades.

The Compact Powder... I'll be honest I've not even needed to use it yet!! I get shine on the nose area after a few hours and I've still not needed to powder yet so that just goes to show you how good the foundation is! I will get to use the powder at some point (I hope) if not it will be going into my kit. When swathing it, it felt lovely not really drying on the skin which is good for anyone who is dry/dehydrated skin.

Now as you all know I'm super sensitive when it comes to anything going on my face and I get irritated so easily and I've not had one problem with this range at all!! With it being cheaper in price I was kind of thinking I would have a reaction but I didn't!! So if you suffer with sensitive skin don't worry at all its suitable for sensitive skin. Most the products have a property in them to help and trea skin such as Macadamia oil, Argan oil, Almond Oil, and Vitamin E just to name a few which is great.

Would I buy more of the range......... YES!!!!! In fact I plan on picking up more of the range.. I'm dying to try out the BB cream from them I've heard so many good things about them.

So even though the range is very affordable that doesn't mean to say its not durable or worth buying. A lot of people think if its cheap its not as good as other brands out there, even I thought the same about NOTE but I was very wrong! I would highly recommend the range to everyone and I would also have the range in my kit and use on clients its just as good as the rest in my kit and makeup collection.

So if you haven't picked up or tried any of the range make sure you get out and pick some up!!!

I picked up the Note Cosmetics from Mc Cabes pharmacy at City West Shopping Centre and are available from selected pharmacies natiowide.

I done a full face of makeup using all of the products I picked up....

Let me know what you think of the range and your thoughts on it!!

Rebecca xxxx

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