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How to pick the right foundation

*** Foundation Tip ***

When buying foundation do you always wonder what shade you are? What undertone are you? Which product do you get?

Pick the right foundation comes down to knowing what undertone you are. An undertone is the tone of your skin. There are 2 different undertones as shown below.

Warm - yellow
Cool - pink

How to know which undertone you are....
*Warm = If you look at the inside of your wrist most warm undertoned skins have green veins.
You tan easily.
Your skin looks more yellow in colour.
Your skin is more salo in colour.

*Cool = If you look on the inside of your wrists you have veins that appear blue.
You burn easily.
Your skin looks more pink and pale in colour.

If you buy a foundation with the wrong undertone it will immediately look like it doesn't suit you it may appear more yellow on your skin or more pink on the skin.
Foundation should blend into the skin colour with out appearing very visible in pink or yellow on the skin. So if either appear more prominent there you are more than likely going wrong with colour and undertone choice.

Now you can have a skin tone that may appear cool and warm in places and this would make them a NEUTRAL shade meaning the foundation would need to have both.
When wearing false tan it's very common to be matched to a neutral foundation.
A very popular shade in foundation for when wearing tan in Inglot foundations would be YSM no.50. It kills off the cool and warm tones leaving the skin looking flawless.

How to know to pick the right colour foundation....
       So when picking the right colour foundation a lot of people test the product on the hand or wrist.... this gives you the correct match of foundation if you were wearing it on you hand or wrist. ALWAYS test the foundation right on your jaw line and top of the neck. The colour of your hand and jaw are two totally different shades especially if you are wearing tan!

The neck is the lightest part of the body because your head shadows it from sun light. The jaw is the closest area to the neck and you want your foundation shade to match both.

When matching shades if the colour is too dark it will be very visible and darker looking on the skin, and if it's too light it will be very pale looking on the skin. Both being very visible to the eye.
If it's the right shade it should almost blend into the skin making you nearly look twice to see where you applied it..... this is the perfect colour!!!

If you are wearing tan and want a match for the tan. Look on the chest and neck and if the chest is the darkest area match the colour as closest to the chest and neck as possible. This will give you a one colour effect without the Face being too pale or dark compared to the rest of the skin.

*** Foundation asks as a canvas on the skin to look like a second skin keeping it even in colour. Foundation isn't made for covering blemishes, redness, spots or scars. This is what concealers are for ***

**** You can always warm up the skin if foundation is a little too pale by applying a Matt bronzer all over the face on the areas where the sun catches. Never use a shimmer bronzer to warm the face as it will look unnatural and enhance any fine lines, wrinkles on the skin ****

Mac Foundations ...
NW = Cool - Pink undertone
NC = Warm - Yellow undertone

I hope you find this helpful and if you read it all and found it informative... sharing is caring 💄💄

Rebecca xxx

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