Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Lierac Homme For Men

When it comes to gifts for men weather it's Christmas or birthdays I always try to add a little skincare into the gift.... as much as I love skincare products which I'm sure you's all know by now men need them too! They might not like to admit but they do.... men have skin too!! 

As tough as men think they are believe it or they need to moisturise and look after their skin too. 

So today I'm going to tell you about Lierac Homme Paris products that have been tried and tested over the last while to let you know what I think of them.... I used the bf as guiney pig to test them out this time. 

So we'll start off with.... 

Lierac Anti Fatigue Gel Cream €34

So this is an anti fatigue gel so basically it gives life back into the skin because it constrains micro-algae to energise the skin. Ginseng and caffeine complex to stimulate each micro-cell of the skin. 
You only need a pea sized amount of it on the face so a little goes a long way with this product. 
Now when you apply it it almost has a peach look to the gel so instantly you look brighter so it does put life back into the skin instantly. It's a gel so it's non greasy or tacky on the skin so no film is left lying on the skin which is even better so theirs no irritation. It's suitable on sensitive skin and won't make oily skin have any extra oil or appear oiler on their skin. It does hydrate the skin too so after a couple of weeks you will see a difference in the skins appearance. 
I'd suggest applying this every morning you give you that fresh healthy look to the skin while doing the work of ingredients for the day. 
I know it seems pricy for a moisturiser but it will last ages!!
Next up is....
Lierac Anti-Wrinkle Repairing Fluid  €45
This is anti-wrinkle fluid (cream) and its aim is hydrate the skin and regaining the elasticity in the skin therefore making wrinkles appear less visible. It's more liquid in texture so again a little goes a long way and one pump is plenty for the entire face. You can apply this twice daily so morning and night. It does make the skin appear more plump in appearance and the skin appears more plump and healthy looking after a couple of weeks. This would suit all skin types too even sensitive skin. It dries in quickly and doesn't leave a tacky film on the skin either which is great.
I would recommend both products together for men as I think every man should be using an anti-wrinkle product and hydration product from mid 20's + just the same as women. In fact men more so than women because a lot more men work out doors in all weather conditions throughout the year so they are more exposed to sun damage and the cold in the winter. I know men's skin is thicker than women but in time these effects take its toll on men and can age in looks quicker than women.. so for every man in your life make sure they are protecting their skin!!
I would highly recommend both these products for any man out there who wants to help treat and protect their skin or for any ladies who want to pick up some skincare for their boyfriends, husbands, fathers or son I'd suggest this brand. Yes its pricy but deffo worth it.
Lierac is sold in most pharmacies nationwide so check your local pharmacy for the range and products.
If you already picked up some of the range as a gift for Christmas let me know which you picked up or if you're planning on getting some skincare for any men out there would this be the one you'd get?
Rebecca xxx

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