Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ps Custom Glow Liquid Highlighters

Penny's have done it again!!!  Just when you think they can't out do themselves they do!!! A couple of weeks ago they brought out three different shades of Custom Glow Liquid Highlighters priced at €5 each.

Moon Shine, Pearl Blossom, Stargaze
I wouldn't use liquid highlighters too often on my own face when doing makeup but said I would pick these up and see how I got on with them. For €5 each you couldn't not pick them up!!

Swatches of all three together.....
How could you not love these. Look at that glow off each and everyone of them.
Ok so I'm going to start with the first highlighter... MOONSHINE

Moonshine is the softer of the three shades in my opinion and has a lovely soft golden glow to it. It's fab! With liquid highlighters you can apply them under your foundation to give a glow to the skin with the foundation. You can mix a small amount into the foundation before applying it to the skin and its a more noticeable glow all over the skin. Then you can apply it softly over the foundation to he areas of the face you want it to be seen but its a much more noticeable glow and slightly harder to work with if you are a little bit nervous of using a liquid highlighter.
Moonshine to be is the best shade of the three for apply to the face after foundation. Its so easy to work with too which is great. I applied a small amount above the cheeks and taking it above my cheek bone and around the corner of my eyes up towards the eyebrows. Now this sounds a lot but I only used a small amount and patted it on with my finger then blended it all out and into the skin with a small fluffy brush (similar to what you would use on the eyes)
Here's a pic to show you what it was like on....
         As you can see its very noticeable but not too much. I applied a soft powder highlighter over it just to set the liquid but you can leave it as it is on its own if you want. I personally just don't like any tacky feeling on my skin.
It lasted all day and stayed in place and held its glow throughout the duration of wearing it which was great.

Now the other two shades PEARL BLOSSOM and STARGAZE are two other stunning shades but a lot more pigmented and noticeable on the skin. These two shades would be fab applied before foundation to give the skin a dewy glow look. Pearl Blossom would be fab on the more paler skin tones and Stargaze of the more warmer skin tones or someone wearing tan.

Here's swatches of the both....

Pearl Blossom is so fab and because of the softer pink tone it would be amazing on paler skin tones, some highlighters can be too "golden" in colour on pale skin tones and this is the winner in my opinion for the paler skin tones :)
Both worn above and under the foundation and it would be amazing !!!

Now Stargaze as you can see is a more golden tone and its stunning. This would be amazing in the summer for a golden makeup look and this applied before the foundation and a little after above the cheeks would look amazing. Imagine this with tan :)
It would be soo hard to just pick one shade I think anyways that's why I picked up all three :)
You could also pop some highlighter down the front of your skins when wearing tan and showing off the legs. It finishes off the legs lovely.
I would highly recommend these highlighters to everyone who loves some glow in their life and for €5 you literally couldn't go wrong so go get ALL THREE you WILL find uses for them TRUST ME!!!!
If you have picked any of them up let me know what you think of them and if you have tried them how have you found them :) :)
Rebecca xxxx

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