Monday, 25 January 2016

The perfect nude lip liner and lipstick combo

We all love a nude lipstick shade that will go with most makeup looks but to find a lip liner that matches well with a nice lipstick is an added rare bonus!! I managed to get my hands on both that won't break the bank and has great durability.

Here is a look of what they both look like, I applied the lip liner all over the lips first and then the lipstick on top.

I had worn a dark smokey eye using warm browns, burnt orange and black so this lip combo goes great with makeup look with out taking from the eyes.
So this amazing lip combo is from Inglot
I was giving a voucher from Inglot at Christmas so I skipped over with delight after Christmas in to Dundrum to pick up some new products. I had been looking for a nice matte lipstick that was suitable for day to day use and for smokey eye looks but still wanting to keep it looking quite nude (not half fussy am I?) I came across these two babies and loved them.
The lipstick is €15 and in the shade 411
The lip liner is €10 and in the shade 63
These two are a nude shade with a hint of pink keeping them nice and warm in tone on the skin without being too dark or pink. The quality and durability last all day and they are worth every penny. I love Inglot's lipsticks for their durability I have quite a few already in many shades. I ate and drank wearing these and they lasted all day/night. The matte shades tend to last that bit longer because they are thicker and no shine so they wear away much less, the only thing is they are quite drying on the lips so make sure you pop some lip balm/vasolene on after wearing them.
So if you are looking for a nice lip combo that is nude and matte that will go with many makeup looks then this is it!!! This shade would suit many skin tones so don't be afraid to give a pinky nude shade a try :)
If you have picked up either of these let me know what you think of them!!
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