Tuesday, 26 January 2016

PS... Blender Sponges

At some point nearly everyone has heard about Penny's PS... Blender Sponges. They are only €1.50 each and come in a few different colours and shapes. I'm loving a lot of the PS... Cosmetic products. The lipsticks and lip liners are AMAZING and priced even better!! They are all super cheap so even when you want to treat yourself but have very little to spend you will find something to suit your budget

I picked up two of Blender Sponge's recently when I could finally manage to get my hands on them when they came back in stock. The orange and green shades stood out the most :)
They both have two different shapes and they are just based on personal preference. Both have a smaller pointed end to get closer to smaller areas of the face like around the nose, under eyes, and around the hair line.

I have tried the orange one live on my Snapchat @lipstickglitz is my account if you would like to see how they work.

How I got in....
So when you want to use your blender sponge you soak them in water and then give them a good squeeze and the sponge is left feeling damp. A lot of the time they change in texture and size but sadly this wasn't the case :(

This is before when only taking out of its packaging

This is the after pic when it was prepped for using it
You can see from the pic there is no difference.
I used my Makeup Forever HD foundation which is a medium to full coverage without looking too heavy. When I was applying the foundation with the blender sponge as I was bouncing it off my skin it was like it was soaking up the foundation rather than spreading it out all over the skin. It did spread it onto the skin with a lot of bouncing eventually but I ran out of foundation very quickly. It make my foundation look more like a light coverage rather than a medium/full coverage.
Sadly I was a little disappointed on how it turned out but this has just been on my skin and think they I would use an awful lot of product to get my foundation to its desired effect...if I could! 
It was very hard to wash afterwards too, I couldn't get all the foundation out of the blender sponge.
Everyone's skin is different so they could work differently on you just for me it didn't sadly.
 If you want a light foundation look then these would probably be perfect for you just watch the amount of product you are using!!
With them being only €1.50 in price each you can't really complain too much as its not like I forked out loads for them.
If you have picked any of these up let me know how you got on with them.
Rebecca xxx  

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