Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Glitter Beard Trends

So I don't know if any if you have noticed the new trend or seen much about Glitter Beards... Yes I said it...Glitter Beards ??!!

A couple of weeks ago maybe I seen pics of this craze going up online and at first I thought it was a wind up... Nope its a trend!!

If you are on Instag. m go look at  The Gay Beards two men from America came up with some crazy/fun ideas for beards.

Now as much as I like an owl beard on a big butch man I'm not sure if I could go this far.... Could you imagine your other half coming into and saying "just borrowing some of your pink glitter love.. It will go lovely with what I'm wearing out with the lads tonight" or fighting over the mirror doing both do your faces, and he certainly wouldn't be using my Duraline for all that beard....BITCH PLEASE!!!! 
I wouldn't be able for that at all Lipstick, Glitter and Me would turn into Lipstick, Glitter and Us!!

I'm not so sure if it will be a big trend in fairness I always found men to give out about glitter and say its everywhere!!
I've even managed to one lad a sore eye from glitter and by Jesus i never lived it down  for months after....
I got got a new glitter dust from Urban Decay and I thought I was only massive with my glitter eyes on a night as you do... New outfit, new makeup sure he's looking well I'll give him an owl kiss...
Well the next day there was a sore eye.... I'm dying with the pain and it was bloodshot and sure thats just as bad as the MAN FLU!! He couldn't drive home properly from the Weekend away...  Dramatics!! Everytime I'd get ready to go out then... Your not putting that stupid glitter again are ya??!!

(Don't worry ladies I loved my glitter more than him and it was one or the other... I now have a drawer full of glitters) 
No other men have been harmed or dangered in another glitter makeup look again!! 

So can you imagine the mess and drama over glitter beards.... They would be eating it and there would be sore eyes to beat the band, and women giving out over their glitters being used.

As funky and different as they look I don't think I could go out with a fella rocking a glitter beard I'd either be jealous of their glitter, or not able for the drama going home and the removal process!! 

What do you think Ladies?? 

Rebecca xxxx 

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