Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wednesday's How To Guide - Applying Individual false lashes.

False lashes can be tricky at the best if times but when it comes to applying them on yourself it can be even harder especially the individual ones!! So this week I'm going to show you how to apply them.
It doesn't matter what type you use they are all applied in the same way. Durability all comes down to the glue you use and if they get wet or not.... So when wearing falsies avoid the tears ladies!!!

What I'm using to show you how to apply the individual lashes is...
Penny's / Primark Lashes €1.50
Duo Glue & Tweezers
Duo Glue can be purchased from Boot's, Mac, Inglot.

How To Apply:
Place a small amount of glue (pea sized) on the back of your hand or on some tinfoil. Taking a piece of the lashes from the box with the tweezers and gently dab the root of the lashes into the glue on the back of your hand. Starting at the inner corner first. This makes it easier starting here instead of the outer corners because if you start at the outside and work your way in the last bud of lashes might be too long and irritate your eye at the end. Apply the lashes as close to the root of you're own lashes. Making sure not to bring them too close to the inner corners so it doesn't irritate you. Look down with the eye you are applying them too and with you're other eye you can judge how close to get to the root of the lashes.

Once You have applied the first lash you then place the next lash right next to the end of the previous lash, always making sure to apply glue to the lashes first.

As the glue becomes tacky and more secure you can then lightly push the lashes upwards while your eye is open to make them curl up more. Keep applying them one after another right beside where each lash ends. If you don't you will create gaps in the lashes and they won't look as full.

Keep applying them until you reach the end of you're own lash line. Don't worry if the last lash comes off the end of your lash line too much this will give the illusion of a longer lash line (don't get carried away tho and start ticking more on)

         Once you have applied them to the complete lash line they will look like this. You can build them up again with another layer over these by doing the exact same application. This will give them an even fuller, thicker look. When they where all applied I gently pushed them up a little into place so they are all in line with my eye open in the mirror.

These lashes will last a couple of days once they are looked after and have not got wet. Water will only break down the glue and destroy the shape of the lashes. You can also use the glue that comes with the pack of lashes it just isn't as strong as Duo Glue but its your own personal preference as to what glue you use :)
If you are applying them for a night out I would suggest to doing all of your eye makeup first and then applying the lashes so as its not effecting how you apply your makeup when they are on.
You can also re use and lashes when you take them off just make sure you remove the glue from the bud or band of the lashes before applying more.
I hope this helps anyone next time they go to apply individual false lashes and as always if you have any questions just ask :)
Rebecca xxx :)

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