Thursday, 28 April 2016

Simple Eye Makeup Look

Hi everyone, 

I created this eye makeup look that's quick, simple and easy to create in a hurry and only using three shades of eye shadows. 

This look is great for Blue and Green eyes because these shades really make your eyes pop! 

Here is the eye look 

To create this look I used these three 
Inglot shades from the Freedom system all priced at €6 each. 

L-R 335, 326 Bottom shade 450

The brushes used 
Nima Nichola, Inglot 6SS and Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26

Step by step on how to achieve the look:

* Using the Inglot 6SS brush and the shade 355 blend it just above the crease in a backward and forwards motion (wind shield wipers). Building it up but by bit to create a nice colour intensity. 
Blend into lower lash line too.

* Take the Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26 brush  and the shade 326 blend the shade right into the crease in the same motion. Build it up as dark as you like create intensity and dept. 
Blend into lower lash line also. 

* With the Nima Nichola brush take the shade 450 and blend into crease and up into the 335 shade and lower lash line. This will add colour and warm up the eye look. You can build this up as much as you like depending on person preference. 

* Taking the shade 326 and Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26 brush blend the darker shade into the outer corners to darker the outer corners. 

* Finish off look with mascara. 

** You can add lashes if you wear lashes on a daily basis and build up the colours to a dark and strong as you like, or use as little as you like depending on what you prefair ** 

                          Rebecca xxx

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