Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Reverse Shampoo'n

So recently I have been testing out the 'Reverse Shampoo'n' technique on my hair to see was it true in what it could do to your hair. 

I myself have fine, but quite a lot of hair that tends to get greasy very quickly. My hair will only have that fresh look on the first day of being washed. So there is always a bottle of dry shampoo knocking about. 

I had heard quite a lot about the ' Reverse Shampoo'n ' technique and said sure what's the harm give it a try! 
How it works is... You condition your hair first and then shampoo twice. Yes strange as it may seem but that's how it goes. 

So for a couple of weeks now I've been doing this instead of the regular Shampoo and condition method. 

The shampoo I've been using is the 

Tresemme Luxurious Moisture Shampoo and this is for Dy or Dull Hair. 

The condition I've also been using is 

Tresemme Colour Vibrance Protection Condtion 

At the time I had picked both these 900ml bottles on special offer for only €4.50 per bottle. Which was a complete bargain!! 

So what I do when I wash my hair is I wet my hair and condition my hair from root to tip and leave in the hair for 3-5 minutes. 
I then rinse out the conditioner and shampoo twice as normal. 
If I find my hair is quite knotty I'll brush my hair when the conditioner is working its magic. This helps remove all knots making it easier to brush when drying my hair. 

Now some of you may be thinking... Does your hair not need to be clean before you condition it? No! Your hair still gets all the goodness from the conditioner.
I questioned that too. 

The first time I tried 'Reverse Shampoo'n ' I was shocked at how great my hair felt and looked. 
My hair had much more texture and body and almost felt more light on my head... If that even makes sense?! 
My hair dryed so much quicker and easier which was great also. 

The real test was to see how long I would get out of my hair after doing this. I normall wash my hair every second day.... I got 4 days! On day 5 it had started to look a little greasy so I repeated the same method of washing my hair and I then got the same amount of time also. 

Just to test things further incase it was just the shampoo I tried the regular method using the
same products and only got 2 days and my hair felt like it used to :( 

Since then I ALWAYS use the ' Reverse Shampoo'n ' method and my hair feels, looks and manages much better. 

This is definitely a must try in my opinion. 

Has anyone tried it before? Or do you plan on trying it? 
Let me know!! :) 

                            Rebecca xxx 

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