Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation

I was recently sent the Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation from the lovely Fiona from TheWorksPR
If you have been following my blog, Snapchat and Facebook you will know I've been loving the Shiseido Range, so much so that I will be adding it to my makeup kit! 

So let's talk about this foundation that everyone has been raving about across all social media. 
The foundation itself is suitable for ALL skin types... Yeah all skin types. Now when I hear that I think... Ah this isn't going to work great or last because certain skin types need to have certain ingredients and some skins need less of  said ingredients for a product to really last. So I will be honest I was very sceptical about it. 
The foundation improves kind complexion and is a buildable coverage. 

Now I tried and tested this foundation almost every day since I got it in many different ways.... Which you would have seen on my Snapchat - lipstickglitz 
I tried it without any skin prep, primer, or powder to set and it lasted all day with very little shine to the face which I was very suprised by. It was a warm humid day and I honestly thought it would melt off my face and it didn't!! 

I tried the foundation with skin prep ie. Cleanse, toning and moistursing and no primer just set it with powder and it worked great.. Again very little shine on the face. 

I then tried the foundation with my normal routine of makeup. Prep, primer and set and there was a big difference it was literally fresh looking all day long, again no shine. 

Finally I tried it for a night out which would really test its durability. I applied the makeup earlier in the day doing the same routine as previous and it glided onto the skin and was flawless looking. I built it up a bit more in areas that needed a bit more coverage and didn't apply and concealer to cover areas only to highlight. 

Here's a pic of the makeup on the day/night 

Here you can see it's like a second skin. It's not thick or 'cakey' looking and sits lovely on the skin. 
Now this foundation held up great all trough the evening right up to 6am the following morning when I went to remove it. 
There is no orange tone off the foundation which is great because some can oxidise as time goes on and colour can change. 
Again there was no shine or oil on the skin. 

Over all I really loved it and will continue to use it and stock it for my kit. 
This would be a perfect foundation for a Bridal Party, Bride or anyone looking for their makeup to last all day/night long for a function. 

The only thing I would suggest is applying a primer before putting it on. It will just make the application easier and blend and look better on the skin. 

The foundation is €48 and available from Arnotts, Harvey Nichols Dundrum and good pharmacys Nationwide. 

Let me know if you have tried it or plan on picking it up :)

Rebecca xxx 

Snapchat - lipstickglitz 

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