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Life with Endometriosis part 2

Hi everyone, 

As promised I would keep you all up to date on how things have been getting on since the healthy eating and cutting out gluten, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy products. 

I spoke in the previous blog post about how cutting out these products helps with Endometriosis and can help improve daily life. 

I think when you have literally had enough of how you're feeling daily and have tried every route with medication you will try anything and if you look your food just like me you become quitesceptical because deep down you don't want to accept or believe you have to give up certain foods :( 

So I've been on this "lifestyle change" for over 6 weeks now. I started off gradually reducing all these foods from my diet so as it wouldn't be too drastic and find myself clawing at press cupboards crying. 
Being quite honest it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! 
Now I'm not saying I've not had any slips along the way because I have and I don't think I would be human if I didn't. 

So let's get down to it .... 

At the beginning I found myself wondering what to eat each day. 
For breakfast I have poached eggs, mushrooms and fruit afterwards. I would normally have toast or bread with it so I just stopped having bread each morning. It was touch for the first 2/3 mornings. 

Lunch I'll make a salad, baked potato with beans or have a soup. 

Dinner always consists of a meat and plenty of veg. 

Within the first week I noticed a massive massive difference on my tummy area I'd very little bloating and none of that horrible stuffed feeling like you've eating too much. 

Snacks wise I'll eat fruit or gluten free rice cakes. 

I've done slimming world before so I always have that mentality when cooking or eating too so I try to stick to that as much as possible. 

I was kindly gifted and amazing hamper for the gorgeous Nikki from 
Whole Foods I was literally blown away by what was delivered to the door and if you are on Snapchat you would have seen it. 
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing this is and how kind Nikki and Whole Foods are. 
The hamper contained all gluten free products that you would use on a daily basis. 

The bars are now perfect for extra snacks on the go or when I don't feel like fruit or rice cakes. They are high in sugar so I always try to not go over my RDA of sugar. 
In fact you would be suprised at the amount of sugar that is in foods!! 

This pasta and sauce was literally the nicest I've ever tasted. Like Oh My God I'd actually love off it.... no joke!!!! 
These where both also in the hamper. 

If you are on Snapchat - lipstickglitz is where I show my meals and what I'm eating (when I can remember) so you will and have seen a lot of what was in the hamper, along with foods I'm picking up when at the shops. 

Has there been a difference with Endometriosis in the last two months???? ....
     I have noticed a big difference already and they say it takes 3 months or so for your body to really feel or see a difference when removing gluten from your diet. 

I would kind of be an "emotional eater" when my Endo would be bad or having a flair up and I would crave lots of foods. 
I'm a sucker for a chipper or a burger when I'd be bad. My cravings have massively subsided and I've actually turned down a number of choppers since I've made the switch. 

My moods.... well they have been a little easier but I won't lie and say everything is all gravy when it's not. I've still had my bad bouts of feeling low or down and angry. With not being on any medication now I've nothing to help control it. As much as people say or think as she's just moody or cranky or the worst... hormonal (please don't call a hormonal woman horemonal... not if you value your life!) 
People don't understand how hard it is when your having these days and you don't choose to feel or act in these ways. 
They have got a little easier thank God. I keep meaning to take Evening Primrose Oil they help with "moods" 

The pain.... now this is the good bit! Seriously my pain has been a lot easier already. This months period was much easier than last months at most I've taking maybe 3-4 prescription pain killers. That's massive for me as I would normally take that a day! 

Now I'm not totally pain free daily or at that time or the month but it's much more barable and the swelling or bloating isn't as big looking. I can't wear jeans or anything that would be a hard material at that time of the month because I'm so sensitive swollen and sore but I've managed to get back into jeans for the rest of the month. 
At one point I have gone years without being able to put jeans on. So that's a big noticeable difference. 
It's always the little things you notice more. 

I will definitely be continuing with the diet or lifestyle change that's for sure. 

I'm also going down the fertility route at the moment on tests and things so if you would like to know more about that in another post just let me know. 

As always please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need to talk about your own experiences. I love hearing from everyone. It's lovely to know their are others out there and not on my own. 

Make sure you pop over to Whole Foods and check out their page and have a look at what they do. 

Thanks for reading my part 2 of Life with Endometriosis 

Rebecca xxx 

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