Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Review on TheTan

So as you all know I Love Love a nice tan so the lovely Jenn's who created TheTan
Invited me over to Vanity Rooms to try out the new spray tan ����
TheTan is a newly created tan in both spray tan for salons along with a gel lotion to apply for home use. There is also a Gradual Daily Bronzer Lotion.

When I went to Vanity Rooms salon out in Stepaside to get my complementary spray tan I went for the 12.5 % which is the darker shade of tan. There are 3 types of levels to choose choose from... As I love a nice dark tan this is what I went for. I wore loose dark clothing so as I would have no marks from clothes (nothing worse than having tan done and having marks on legs from leggings ��)

The spray tan dried quite quickly and was a nice bronzed shade from the start.
I left it to take over night to really let it to develop to a nice dark shade... Now take into consideration I had the tan applied at lunch time. When waking the next morning I done a sheets test... Not one bit of tan came off onto the bed sheets ���� A Winner ALREADY!!
After I had my shower (only applying shower gel to underarms etc not all over and letting water run clear) I patted dry when got out of the shower as rubbing removes tan.
The tan was a lovely shade there was no orange tone to my skin as you can see in the picture of my legs.
The tan itself lasted for over a week and held its color without coming off.
After a week I did a light exfoliation and applied a light coat of the gradual daily bronzer lotion. This is the picture of my arm and you can see the color and quality of the tan is great ����

The gradual daily bronzer was applied every second day to prolong my tan and I did so for 2 weeks... Now with being a tan fanatic I'm always worried about how tan comes off when you go to exfoliate... I used my Glove Your Body exfoliating mitt ���� which is one of my favorite products at the moment and ALL tan was removed leaving my skin lovely and soft and no tan was left on the skin.. As you can see by the picture of my pasty pale arm ��

Since having TheTan my skin has stayed nice and moisturised and no flaking or dryness as this regularly happens when trying out new tans.

Overall I'm very happy with The Tan and would definitely get another spray tan again. I now use my Gel lotion and Gradual Daily Bronzer for special occasions as I would wear tan regularly so its my go to "Treat Tan" ☺☺

Both the Gel Lotion and the Graudal Daily Bronzer Lotion can be purchased from www.the-tan.com  priced at €22 and the Spray Tan treatment is now in most salons nationwide or Vanity Rooms

I hope you all enjoyed reading my review and thanks for taking the time to read it! I hope everyone gives The Tan a try and see what you think of it. Its a great product to use and I'd highly recommend it ☺☺

Rebecca xxx

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