Monday, 20 July 2015

Olive Oil Replenishing Mask

So I have changed my hair colour recently and I noticed it has become a little dry lately. I always use a conditioner every time I wash my hair but wasn't enough so I decided to pick up this Olive Oil Replenishing mask priced at €1.99 from
Boots or you can also pick them up in Penny's for less than €2.
Olive oil is great for nourishing both hair and body and adding moisture back into the skin and hair.

What I done:
I washed my once just with shampoo and towel dried it. I then used all of the mask (there's a lot in one pack) and put it ALL OVER my hair from root to tip. It was quite wet after this so I then used the hair dryer to dry off the heavy wet and heat is good for getting treatment's into the hair.
I then tied my hair up into a bun and left it in over night to really get the mask to work into my hair.... You don't have to leave it in over night the instructions suggest 45 mins but this was just my personal preference.
The next morning my hair felt a little hard so I rinsed it first in the shower with just water and it became sooo soft. I then lightly shampooed twice to remove any excess oil and conditioned as normal.

My hair was super soft and so easy to blow dry as some times when its dry its that little bit harder to style when drying it. It held the stlye and was no fly always or frizz at all for the next 2/3 days. The shine off my hair was great also.
A week on and its still soft and holding the shine, with little to no knots!

I would highly recommend this hair mask and I will definitely be using it on my own hair at least once a month.
The price point is incredible and the quality of the product is amazing. I find some treatments can leave my hair quite greasy afterwards even after being well rinsed and with this I didn't have this problem.
It would be suitable for all hair types ☺

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